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I absolutely loved how Haley and Chase made their engagement session so personal to their lives and relationship. We started off at their home which is always one of my fav ways for 1. a couple to warm up to getting their photo taken since their in a place their super comfy in and 2. see how a couple genuinely interacts together, which gives me inspiration for poses further down the road in their shoot. (I noticed right away how much they love to laugh with each other which is just :') ) Plus there's something so snuggly and intimate about in-home sessions that feel like they're allowing a glimpse into the subject's lives. From their cat gracing us with his presence for a few pics (who gave them the perfect New Girl engagement story by distracting Haley from Chase proposing later that day - TOO CUTE) to their coffee + tea mugs in their kitchen, to their bookcase with all of their fav books, to their plant wall, to their front porch table where they often play games, to their backyard grass (which admittedly was less special to them and more so cute LOL), we had a blast incorporating parts of their everyday lives into their engagement photos.

We then headed downtown Cedar Falls to one of their fav restaurants for some photos around the area, and even stopped for drinks before heading to adorable vine covered alleyway. We were sure it was about to downpour on us at any minute so we decided to head over to their final spot, a flower field they use to frequent across the street from their old apartment building. Rain still seemed imminent but at the last minute swapped out with the sun for the loveliest sunset glow. Safe to say I'm beyond pumped for Haley and Chase's big day this year!!


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